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Sgt. Storage


All Points Bulletin Self-Storage

(502) 964-7867
4901 Fern Valley Rd
Louisville, KY 40219
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Call us today and reserve your storage space! Here is the storage space comparison chart again, for your convenience:

Available Sizes Monthly Prices Size Comparison
5'x5' $30.00 Small Closet
5'x10' $45.00 Large Closet, Walk-In Closet, or Bathroom
(view diagram)
5'x15' $50.00 Two Full Closets
10'x10' $60.00 1 Room Apartment, Small Rental Truck (view diagram)
10'x15' $70.00 2 Bedroom Home (view diagram)
10'x20' $90.00 3 Bedroom Home (view diagram)
10'x25' $110.00 5-7 Room Home, Large Rental Truck
10'x30' $120.00 (view diagram)



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